Costs of Full-Time RVing – February 2018

The overall costs of living and traveling in an RV can vary greatly depending on where you are, the activities you are doing, repair costs, your personal spending habits, etc. The variability is essentially the same regardless of your chosen housing arrangement. We track our spending via the free app “PERSONAL CAPITAL” and publicly share it to help others estimate their potential expenses for life on the road.

Our expenses are posted by month and year. They include all of our costs for two adults except for health insurance as it is such a varied expense depending on your job status, age, location, income, etc. Our cost of this insurance has no relevance to anyone else so we are choosing to leave it out of the spreadsheet.

You can check our previous monthly costs here.

*Note – Includes all expenses incurred except for health insurance which we wish the details to remain private.

Campground Fees – Expenses for stays at two Army Corp of Engineering campgrounds. Includes payment for several days in March as well.

Communication – Verizon phone plan shared with family, unlimited data plan with AT&T and UPS mail box.

Entertainment – Expenses included our Netflix family plan, entrance fees to the USS Lexington, parking in San Antonio and tickets to the San Antonio and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The Houston Rodeo is in March but tickets were purchased in February.

Food – Includes all food, alcohol and restaurant expenses. We ate out on the San Antonio Riverwalk for Valentine’s Day and also had a quick meal at Whataburger just to say we’ve been there. Cost of meals out totaled $28.74 and the remaining $293.87 was for food and beverages consumed at home.  

Gas -Car – Three fuel purchases for the Kia Soul.

Gas -RV – Two fuel purchases for the RV.

General – –$43.49 was spent in February for miscellaneous and household items such as toiletries, paper products, batteries, etc. A $36.79 item purchased in January from Amazon was returned making the net expenditure $6.70.

Laundry – One laundromat visit in Canyon Lake, TX. Washing machines were $2.25 and dryers $1.75. 

License/Insurance – Full-time RV and tow vehicle insurance and licensing.

Medical/Dental – No expenses this month.

RV/Auto – Expenses included an oil change, tire rotation and tire repair for the Soul.

Utilities – Purchased a set of one pound propane bottles to use inside with the Buddy Heater.

Be sure to read our Monthly Memories – February 2018 blog post to see all the fun things we did!

4 thoughts on “Costs of Full-Time RVing – February 2018”

  1. Thank you, this info helps us planning our budget. However we have a diesel so we will have to factor that in. I am going to try this app.
    Safe travels. Hope to see you on the road.

    1. Glad we could help out. The March post will be coming out next week. Overall I wouldn’t think diesel would make too much of a difference. Little more costly, but slightly better mileage maybe.

  2. I’m glad we visited with you last month. Barry and I really enjoyed seeing you and your home. You guys inspire us.

    1. We are so happy you guys came out to visit. It was fun catching up! Time for you and Barry to find some “wheel” estate!

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