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Welcome to OORRV!

We are Dave & Kathy Boland. This site shares our life as full-time travelers that live in a 25-foot RV following a dream of exploring North America on wheels.

We created OORRV to inspire others who dream of this lifestyle to give it a try. Follow along and enjoy our crazy journey. Some believe we are “OFF OUR ROCKER” but we believe this life style got us “OFF OUR ROCKERS”! 

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Costs of Full-Time RVing – March 2019

March 2019 found us on the move after spending the first two months of the year relatively stationary in the Arizona desert. We started the month in Lake Havasu City…

RV Essentials from Tools to Toys!

Where Have We Been?

Follow the OORRV adventures as we travel from town to town and state to state chasing 70°. The following posts include many of the unique destinations we have visited.

The first few OORRV travel posts were organized by month but we discovered it was a difficult task picking our favorite stops because we wanted to limit the number of photos used in each post. OORRV travels posts are now done on a weekly basis so we can provide even more great content!

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Pickleball, Mega Solar and Grocery Deals

March 8-14, 2019 — Trip planning if often almost as much fun as the trip itself. It’s a good thing that we enjoy the planning process as we find ourselves completely…