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Why we live in an RV

Read to learn how we chose the nomadic lifestyle.

Why do we travel full time in an RV? We’ve been told it’s because we are “off our rocker” crazy. We might be a bit crazy but we were that way living in a house, too, so there is more to it.

The travel bug hit us many years ago and we did go as much as life would allow. Finances, jobs, and family obligations stopped us from going places and exploring the world as often as we would have liked.


From early on in our relationship we planned to retire early and fashioned our spending and savings to accommodate that goal. Once retired and our children were fending for themselves as adults there was nothing holding us to living in cold snowy Wisconsin. The world was ours to explore. We tried doing car trips and cruising but we were always rushed from place to place and didn’t have the opportunity to immerse ourselves into the local culture. It also didn’t solve the issue of the cold winter weather that we no longer wished to experience.


Over the past 10-12 years we talked about buying a travel trailer or RV but didn’t act upon it as we felt that the amount of use it would get wouldn’t justify the cost. January of 2016 we were on a Caribbean cruise in a port that we didn’t care for and had been at several times. It was then that we decided there were so many nice places to see in North America that we could stop wasting our life being in places we didn’t want to be.

We purchased our RV in July of 2016 and off we went traveling at first around Wisconsin and then a nine week trip to the east coast and back. Upon returning we knew that this was the life for us.


In April of 2017 after returning from wintering in Arizona we set out to rid ourselves of everything we owned that wasn’t of use or didn’t fit in the RV. We officially closed on our house June 23, 2017 and have been living and traveling in the RV ever since.


We absolutely love this life and have no regrets. We love meeting new friends, seeing new things, and experiencing life on our terms. We are a bit crazy and “off our rocker” and that’s okay with us!