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Free Campsites, Watching Television and Blog Name

Want to know more about full-time RV living? Follow along as we address questions people ask us about how we do what we do. Each ASK THE ROCKERS post will feature a few questions and answers from a variety of topics related to RV life. Have a question? Use the comment area at the bottom of this post or send us an email by filling out our Contact Form and we will address it in a future post. 

How do you watch television?

Our RV has an external antenna and built-in booster that enables us to pick up local channels in urban areas. We usually only watch football or an occasional special on network television. With an unlimited data plan via AT&T, we stream Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube. We use Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Roku devices to watch our streaming apps. There are times that the internet signal isn’t strong enough for streaming even with a booster so we try to have alternative options. Netflix offers downloading of certain shows so when we know signals will be poor we can plan ahead and have a few programs loaded on our tablets.

How did you come up with the Off Our Rocker RV name?

The name actually has a double meaning. A close relative of ours told us we were completely “off our rocker” crazy for wanting to live and travel in a motorhome. We say we got up off of our rockers to get out and explore the world. We still might be a bit crazy but that’s ok with us.

What type of free campsites to you stay in?

We stay at a wide variety of free places. Casinos, stores such as Walmart and Cabela’s, select city and county parks, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land, select county, state and national forests, Harvest Host sites, Boondockers Welcome sites, friends and family property, etc.

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