New Tow Car, New Window and New Friends

May 22-31, 2019 — The last week of May found us playing the role of tourist in our own former backyard. We have been wanting to explore the western half of central Wisconsin for many years and finally took the opportunity to do so. We were certainly not disappointed as there is much to see and do in the area. 

It’s sad to think about how much we don’t know about the local area that we’ve lived in or near for much of our lives. During our working days we spent our precious vacation time seeking destinations far away, especially in the winter in an attempt to escape the cold and snow. During the warmer months we were always too busy with activities like children’s sports and yard work to get out and explore. With being retired full-time travelers we no longer have an excuse not to get out and see the sights. 


All nights during this last week of May were free stays with three nights at a Boondockers Welcome host site and seven nights at the home of a friend. 

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

A glowing sunset over a central Wisconsin farm. Sadly, the beautiful orange color stems from wildfires in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, Canada where hundreds of thousands of acres are currently burning. 

Doesn’t this look Gouda? Marieke Gouda in Thorp, Wisconsin handcrafts their cheese using an Old World Gouda recipe brought over from the Netherlands. All milk used to make the cheese is produced onsite from their own cows. Tours of the cheese making process and barns are offered daily. They also have a retail store and cafe that features their cheese products. This is a definite place to stop when in central Wisconsin. 

If chocolate milk comes from brown cows does beer come from spotted cows? In Wisconsin it does. New Glarus Brewing produces the very popular Spotted Cow craft beer that is only available for sale in Wisconsin. Even with the limited distribution, the brewery ranks 25th overall in the US for beer sales and 16th among craft breweries. Wow. 

This sign speaks for itself….

Nolechek’s Meats in Thorpe, Wisconsin has been a favorite local meat market since 1948. They are especially known for their award winning sausage, hams and bacon that are all amazing. The dill pickle flavored hamburger patties looked interesting but not enough to warrant a purchase. 

Are we supposed to stop or go? Driving in central Wisconsin is so confusing…..

A leisurely drive on the backroads of Wisconsin is good for the soul, even on a gloomy day. 

So where do boondockers go for lunch when in the boondocks? To Boondock’s Bar & Grill in Wilson, WI where we had a good burger and cold beverages. Yum!

Moving to a new overnight site is always an adventure, especially when it’s a Boondockers Welcome host location that just joined the program and has no references as you are their first guests. We’re happy to report that we struck gold with this choice in west central Wisconsin. John and Marilyn are generous, gracious hosts that we now refer to as friends. Their site was perfect for relaxing, viewing wildlife and taking in incredible sunsets. We appreciated their many suggestions of local places to visit and enjoyed our evening conversations together. We highly recommend them as hosts and look forward to a return visit possibly in the fall. 

Meet Dewey, our new friend and neighbor while parked at a Boondockers Welcome host site in west central Wisconsin. It’s doubtful that he had a name before but we’re believers that all living creatures, regardless of purpose or station in life, deserve an identity. In other words, we just like to name every animal we find. 

Wouldn’t this make a great tow car? The wheelbase might be a bit too short for a smooth ride, though. 

Another great day, another great sunset. Life is good. 

There is no shortage of factory direct cheese stores in Wisconsin. This one in Jim Falls, WI is very small but had a plentiful selection of cheese. We purchased an excellent chunk of smoked cheddar for a mere $2.00 a pound. Yum!

Have you ever been near something over and over but not really looked at it? We’ve driven and walked by these trees at Marathon Park in Wausau, WI hundreds of times over the years but never took the time or effort to appreciate their imposing stature. So grateful that we’ve changed our ways and now stop to embrace all the beauty that surrounds us everywhere we go. 

After reading some recent threads in an RV forum we discovered a door window upgrade that we felt would be a welcome addition to the RV. Our old window was just fine, however it was frosted on the interior blocking our view to the world. The new window has a built in shade and is about 2″ wider and 1″ longer than the original. It still has the same exterior tinting and other than a bit of trimming of the existing hole, the install was quite easy. We are pleased with the results, especially now that we can see when someone walks up to the door and also like the added view allowing more sight to the great outdoors. 

Cold and rainy, a typical Memorial Day in Wisconsin. We spent the dreary evening watching the Brewers/Twins game from inside the RV. Go Brewers!

What a great week! We loved our time exploring the west central area of Wisconsin and then returned to our former hometown for a visit. Stay tuned for next week when we completely mix up our routine and spend time separately with friends and family. See you then!

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