Colorful Fruit, Wine Sale and Back In Arizona

December 8-14, 2018 — The second week of December was mostly spent visiting family in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We had a great time seeing everyone and enjoying each other’s company. Usually when we visit the kids we have the RV so we’re able to go “home” whenever we need a break and at night but this trip the RV stayed in Arizona while we flew north. 

We’re not used to the noise and constant activity of little ones so after a week we were ready to return to our little house for some much needed downtime. We do miss them while we’re out traveling but thanks to technology like Duo and FaceTime we are able to “see” them frequently. Once the winter weather clears up we will be back with the RV for an extended visit. 

While we were vising the family our RV was busy undergoing an electrical upgrade including lithium batteries, a whole-house inverter, new converter, etc. Quite the project! Most of the install was complete upon our return and we have moved on to testing all the parts of the system to be sure it functions correctly. The batteries are charged by the motorhome engine alternator, on-board generator, shore power and solar panels so there are multiple systems that need to communicate with each other. Luckily the shop where the install took place has ample room for us to stay while we do the testing and make needed changes. A work in progress!

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

Welcome to MinneSNOWta. Sunshine was in the forecast but this video says otherwise. 

The boys attended a Minnesota Golden Gopher basketball game at Williams Arena in Minneapolis. Being native Wisconsinites we are Badger fans but son #1 defected and is a Minnesota alumni. We’re ok with that as long as he stays a Green Bay Packer fan. 

Throwback to summertime and the 18.3 mile long Gateway State Trail between St Paul and Stillwater, Minnesota. . The winters may be rough but the area sure has beautiful and abundant trails to get out and enjoy nature on during the rest of the year, See more highlights of the Minneapolis/St Paul area here

A sneak peak of the electrical upgrade being done on the RV while we were in Minnesota. Exciting!

Fog, freezing drizzle and fire trucks at the Minneapolis International Airport. Not a good sight! We did get out ok after de-icing and are happy to be returning to warm, sunny Arizona. Not sure of the reason for the multiple fire trucks and ambulances but hoped for the best. 

WooHoo! Fry’s Grocery Store knew we would be in need of wine after spending a week in the northwoods!

Arizona has terrific produce in the stores and at farmer’s markets during the winter months. The overall quality, selection and price are better than many other areas we have been to. Yum!

Such a fun week! The time we spent in the northwoods flew by but we are glad to be back in warm, sunny Arizona. While in the Phoenix area we have lots of exploring planned so stay tuned for next week to see what we discover. See you then!

Thank you for hanging out at Off Our Rocker RV.

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2 thoughts on “Colorful Fruit, Wine Sale and Back In Arizona”

  1. You will like the Battle Born Batteries. We had ours done last Feb. 4-100 amp batteries, and a magnum whole house inverter (2800) with the remote control. we love the set up as we boondock about 75-80% of our fulltime travels.

    1. So far we love the batteries but need to gather more data before doing a full review. Currently we are testing them in the Arizona desert and they are doing well.

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