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2019 Travel Plans

Welcome to 2019  – A new year full of opportunities, explorations and excitement just waiting to be embraced. There are friends to be made, flowers to smell and mountains to hike. So where will 2019 take us?

The simple answer is – anywhere we want to go. The hard part is narrowing down the choices of areas to explore as there are just soooo many places we want to go. After much pondering and then even more discussing that has taken us well into January, we have finally decided on a preliminary travel agenda for the year.

Our travel plans will be taking us to sixteen new states and two Canadian provinces with four border crossings in the RV. We will be sticking our feet in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time as full-time RVers and will be setting our sights on all five Great Lakes. We will be exploring historical areas, visiting national parks, taking scenic drives and checking out farms, orchards, wineries and museums everywhere we go.

Below is a month to month breakdown of our travel plans along with a tentative route map of the the states and provinces we are exploring. As with any plan, our travel routes and time frame are subject to changes due to weather, life events or because we decide to go off on another tangent (oh look, a squirrel!). That is what makes full-time RV life so exciting – we can change things up whenever we want.


Are we heading in your direction?

If so, let us know and we can try to arrange a meetup. We love reconnecting with friends along with meeting new ones. Also let us know if you have suggestions of places to go and things to see along our route as we’re always looking for ideas.

January 2019

The month of January will be primarily spent boondocking in the Arizona desert with much of the time in the Quartzsite area. We look forward to spending our days visiting with friends, old and new. 

February 2019

During February we plan to travel south from Quartzsite, spending a few days in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge then south to Yuma for a week. While in Yuma we will be crossing the border into Los Algodones, Baja California, Mexico for a trip to the dentist. From there we will be backtracking north to Lake Havasu where we will stay until the beginning of March. 

March 2019

At the beginning of March we will be leaving Lake Havasu and heading east to the Phoenix area where we plan to meet up with friends, attend our first ever NBA game (go Milwaukee Bucks!) and take in one or two spring training baseball games (go Milwaukee Brewers!). During the middle of the month or whenever the weather starts to heat up we will move north to the Sedona area to take in the sights. 

April 2019

April of 2019 looks to be a big travel month as we will start in northern Arizona, travel through New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa and end in Minnesota. Specific routes and time spent in each state will be determined by the weather. We do have many points along the way on our “to visit” list but won’t be setting our hearts on any particular location until we are sure of the weather. 

May 2019

The month of May will be spent in Minnesota with family members whom we will be assisting with a move along with a couple building projects. Other plans include taking many trips to the local parks and visiting the Como Park Zoo with our grandchildren. We love being able to spend time with family for extended periods while being able to return home to our RV every night. 

June 2019

In early June we plan to head east out of Minnesota to Wisconsin. We will spend several days in the central part of the state and then move east for another ten days or so visiting friends and family. As the middle of the month approaches it will be time to move on to what we are referring to as our “Harvest Hosts Tour”. From eastern Wisconsin we will head north to upper Michigan, cross into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie, and head east through Ontario and Quebec, Canada and south into Vermont. We plan to overnight stay at Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome sites along the way. 

July 2019

During July we plan to meander around New England spending time in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts with overnight stays at Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome locations and possibly a casino or two. We are looking forward to visiting Acadia National Park in Maine, eating ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s in Vermont and sticking our feet in the Atlantic Ocean somewhere along the coast. 

August 2019

We will continue our loop through the New England states in August starting in Massachusetts and then roaming around Rhode Island, Connecticut and across New York to Niagara Falls where we will cross back into Ontario, Canada and make our way west to Detroit, Michigan. From Detroit we will point the GPS north until reaching St Ignace in the upper peninsula of Michigan. We plan to continue a pattern of overnight stays at Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome locations along with a few casinos. 

September 2019

September will start in St Ignace, Michigan where we will stay for the Labor Day Weekend before making the trek back to Wisconsin. We will make several stops in Wisconsin visiting friends and family then go west to Minnesota to visit more family. As the month comes to a close and the weather starts to cool off we will start our trip south. Stays this month will be at casinos and the homes of family and friends. 

October 2019

October will be another high mileage month as we will start in southern Minnesota and make our way south through Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Our month will end in Wellington, Texas at NomadFEST 2019 where we will be reconnecting with old friends and hope to meet many new ones. 

November 2019

During November our travel plans will take us through Texas, New Mexico and into Arizona where we plan to spend the winter. After a busy summer and autumn of travel the downtime will be welcomed. 

December 2019

We plan to spend the entire month of December in Arizona. Travel will likely be limited to the Tucson and Phoenix areas. Like the last few Decembers, we will be storing the RV for a week while we fly to Minnesota to spend several days with our family for the holidays. The remaining weeks of the month will be spent relaxing and visiting the local sites in Arizona. 


2019 is shaping up to being a great year of exploration and discovering the beautiful sites of North America. We are are excited to have you join us on another epic adventure year. See you then!