Tire Rotation, Giant Concrete Heads and a Walmart Park

March 8-14, 2018. The calendar still says winter but it is definitely spring in Texas. The trees are leafing out and flowers are blooming in abundance. The days have been great for enjoying outdoor activities of all types.

We started our week at a Boondockers Welcome host location in the northwest Houston area and finished it at Spring Creek Park in Tomball, Texas. We spent two days touring in Houston and the remaining days in the local Tomball area. 

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

We took a 90-minute free boat tour of the Port of Houston shipping channel. The Port has offered free educational tours aboard the M/V Sam Houston since 1958. Pictured is one of several grain storage facilities along the channel.

Smither Park in Houston, Texas is a colorful urban space worthy of a stop when in the area.

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Giant President head sculptures created by artist David Adickers. The heads were formally the core of two theme parks in South Dakota and Virginia. Both are now closed and the heads sit in a fenced storage yard in Houston, Texas.

1958 pink Cadillac. What a beauty! One of several unique vehicles found at the ArtCar Museum in Houston, Texas. 

Another find at the ArtCar Museum in Houston, Texas. “The Phantom” was created by W.T. Burge modeled from a 1936 Bugatti Atlantic. 

The Beer Can House in Houston, Texas was created by John Milkovisch. The house was slowly covered with an estimated 50,000 beer cans from 1968 to 1988. For you math whizzes that equates to about four 12-packs a week. 

Old Town Spring in Spring, Texas is a historic turn-of-the-century settlement with vintage restaurants and galleries. The bank in the area is rumored to have been held up by Bonnie and Clyde in the 1930’s. 

A representation of the shops in Old Town Spring, Texas. 

Tomball, Texas Farmer’s Market is a great market offering fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods, honey, trail mixes, essential oils, dog treats and more.

Originally a pickle and later morphing into the “Pizza Delivery Thing” this statue has worn many hats. Its appearance has changed over the years to more closely represent the current business occupying this location. 

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Our Boondockers Welcome location in the northwest Houston area. Great host site. Very private and quiet.

Maintenance time for the Vegas as we had the oil changed and tires rotated. Thanks to our Boondockers Welcome Host’s advice we found great shops to have this work done efficiently and reasonably.

A park in the middle of a Walmart parking lot. This site marks the original homestead of the Fritz Theiss family, pioneers in the Tomball, Texas area. We’ve been to many Walmart locations but this is the first one we’ve seen with a park. 

Spring Creek Park in Tomball, Texas. This is a beautiful park with free full hookup campsites. 

A bridge on a hiking trail at Spring Creek Park in Tomball, Texas.

Dinner is ready. Steak, baked potatos and grilled veggies – broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, carrots and onions. Yum!!

Hands down, the best grill we have ever owned! Perfect size for any RV!

Notice how sturdy the shroud feels as it opens smoothly on its hinges? See how the burners roar to life on the very first try? Delighted by how simple it is to achieve a mouthwatering meal every time? It’s no accident. Weber spends countless hours perfecting the grilling systems on its gas grills, assuring easy assembly, an evenly heated cooking surface, and precision controls so you can tone things down or up to the perfect heat level for direct or indirect cooking.

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Even though we were out touring during the week we still had plenty of downtime to relax, make new friends, take leisurely evening strolls and read a few chapters in our respective books. 

Stay tuned for next week as we leave Texas and head to Natchez, Mississippi. 

Thank you for hanging out at Off Our Rocker RV.

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