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Amazon Shopping, Driving and Eating

Want to know more about full-time RV living? Follow along as we address questions people ask us about how we do what we do. Each ASK THE ROCKERS post will feature a few questions and answers from a variety of topics related to RV life. Have a question? Use the comment area at the bottom of this post or send us an email by filling out our Contact Form and we will address it in a future post. 

How do you receive Amazon deliveries when you are traveling?

Getting packages delivered can be an issue and takes some planning ahead. If we are going to be stationary for a while we might be able to receive items at our location. Amazon has lockers for receiving deliveries in larger cities which is a great benefit for nomads like us. Last winter we had our first experience with a locker in Tucson, AZ and it was great. Hopefully they will expand this to other cities. We have had packages sent to UPS stores but some may charge $5 a package for this service.

Don’t you get tired of driving every day? 

The assumption is that RV life is driving all day long every day. That is far from the reality. We choose to “slow travel” meaning we move short distances and explore the areas we visit in depth. We use our tow car (Kia Soul) as much as possible when touring around. Our pattern is to tour one day then rest and relax the next. We are now tracking our mileage and will be adding it to our Monthly Memories posts.

How do you handle meals on the road? 

It’s no different than when we lived in a house without wheels. We cook the majority of our meals in the RV. Our kitchen is tiny but it has all the essentials for food prep we need – stove, microwave convection oven, refrigerator/freezer, pantry and cabinet space, sink, hot and cold water, etc. The biggest difference is that we grocery shop more frequently as our storage space is limited.