TV Replacement, E-bike Flat and Rainy Weather

November 15-21, 2019 — The third week of November has come and gone in a blink. We know we say it often but time really is flying by at an amazing pace.

This week was our time to be on duty as camp hosts at Fiesta Grande RV Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona. Even though we are “on duty” throughout the week we still have time to engage in some activities and projects although interruptions can and do occur.

The majority of our hosting duties center around working in the office, locking and unlocking gates and doors, and parking RVs. The times we complete these duties are spread throughout the day leaving pockets of down time to spend as we wish. The amount of actual “work” time varies greatly depending on the day. Some days are super busy and others we barely do anything at all.

During our off hours this week we enjoyed walks in the resort, cleaned and reorganized several cabinets, installed a replacement television, organized our outdoor shed, visited with friends, played softball with the resort team, did some online shopping, watched football, and much more.

Since we are on duty for a full week we don’t have the opportunity to get out and explore during this time. That’s ok though as our hosting is one week on and two weeks off leaving plenty of days to do as we please. Interestingly that over the month or so we haven’t felt much like leaving the resort during our time off, partly because we are so comfortable in our surroundings but also due to being a bit burned out from traveling as much as we have over the last three and a half years.

We do have a few local places on our list to see so eventually we will get back to exploring. Until then we will be spending time at the resort and local area. Follow along belong to see what activities we were up to during this third week of November.

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

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After 200 miles of pure joy riding the Lectric XP ebikes we had our first minor setback of a flat rear tire. A bottle of Slime to the rescue and we’re back up and pedaling. Love these bikes!

Think we jinxed our outdoor TV by mentioning it a few weeks ago as it decided out of the blue to not to work one day. We planned to upgrade it to a smart TV anyway so it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience to buy a new one but it would have been nice if it could have waited another week for the Black Friday sales. Oh well. 

We laugh every time we see the “no pet washing” signs on the machines in the laundry room. In all seriousness we appreciate the resort setting aside a washer and dryer specifically for laundering pet blankets and rugs. 

Will we ever tire of looking at picturesque Arizona sunsets? We’re thinking that answer is a big “no”. This is our third winter in the desert southwest and we still find ourselves staring at the sky every night. So pretty and colorful!

Bougainvillea flowers are so vibrant and beautiful! There are dozens of these plants in our resort and they are all in full bloom. 

It doesn’t rain often in Arizona but when it does be prepared to get wet feet as the ground doesn’t absorb the moisture and flash flooding occurs rapidly.

Arizona flash floods are no problem for these Montana 5th wheel folks as they can just start up the boat motor and propel their way to dry land. 

Ominous looking clouds promised more rain on the way for Arizona along with increased winds and cooler temperatures. The resort pool is very lonely on days like this.

The Fiesta Grande Amigos softball team ended another week of great play and remain undefeated following a come from behind win in the 7th inning at this game played at nearby Robson Ranch in Eloy, AZ. Even better than another win is the fact that all the players are still able to walk on their own after the game. Go Amigos!

Another fun but busy week is complete. Follow along next week to see what fun we uncover as we enjoy time off from camp hosting. See you then!

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