RV Sun Screens, Resort Softball and Veteran’s Day

November 8-14, 2019 –The second week of November found us continuing to settle in to a routine at the resort in Casa Grande, Arizona. The end of this week marks one month since our arrival at Fiesta Grande RV Resort and the time has flown by. 

One of our biggest concerns when accepting the camp hosting position at a resort was that we would become quickly antsy with sitting idle in one location. We haven’t spent more than a month in a single location since we started RVing 3.5 years ago. 

We also were concerned about becoming stagnant and bored with “nothing to do” while sitting here for months. During the long 1,500 mile trip here from Missouri we made a “to do” and “to see” list to refer to in case the doldrums set it. 

Interestingly, we have yet to accomplish anything on either of those lists. We have kept ourselves quite busy with park activities and would like to do even more but haven’t been able to fit them all in. 

One activity that we’ve really enjoyed this week is fall softball. The teams plays 2-4 games a week against neighboring RV resorts. It’s a great way to meet others and have fun while representing the resort. 

Besides softball we spent time watching college football (Go WI Badgers!!), NFL football (Go GB Packers!), playing pickleball, movie night with friends, bike riding, taking long walks, working on RV window sun screens, facetiming with friends and family, and enjoying plenty of pool and hot tub time. 

Maybe next week we will work on that “to do” list…….

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

We never tire of looking at flowers, especially during the fall/winter months. So pretty!

We’re very grateful for all the sacrifices made by our service members both present and past. Fiesta Grande hosted a wonderful Veteran’s Day dinner and program that we had the pleasure assisting at. A local class of about 70 third graders visited the resort and had the opportunity to make friends and enjoy stories with our military men and women.

Even though our resort is located in an urban area we still have a good view of the night skies and were able to watch the full moon rise from our site. 

Window sun screens are a necessity in Arizona. Custom fit commercial ones are very expensive so we are attempting to make our own with expert help from friends. The windows on our Thor Vegas are both huge and oddly shaped making measuring for correct fit a bit challenging. Kraft paper, tape and a Sharpie marker came to the rescue in making a pattern. Several people asked us why we had our windows taped up and, of course, we couldn’t give them a straight answer and instead told them we were spray painting our motorhome like the cars at Cadillac Ranch in Texas!

The material we’re using for the sun screens will not only cut down on the heat but also provide privacy. We will be able to see out the windows but the screen material makes it tough to see in. We plan to fasten them to the windows with magnets and are still experimenting with the type of magnets, number of them and the best way to attach the magnets to the windows. It’s a project filled with unknowns and trials for sure but we’re having a good time working with friends on coming up with the best solutions to get the job done. 

Double play! The Fiesta Grande Amigos won their first league softball game thanks to a few key defensive plays like the one pictured below. The games are more fun than competition but still, it’s always nice to win. Thankfully all the players were still able to walk off the field on their own with no major injuries suffered. We hope it stays that way all season!

Three of our favorite P’s – Palm trees, petunias and perfect weather. Love November in Arizona. 

Another week has come and gone. Stay tuned to next week to see what fun activities we find to do while spending the winter in Casa Grande, Arizona. See you then!

Thank you for hanging out at Off Our Rocker RV.

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