RV Suspension Mod, Dueling Pianos and First Escape Room

June 8-14, 2019 — Wow where does the time go? It seems like we just returned to the Midwest and now we’re getting ready to leave again. We’ve had a busy last six weeks in Minnesota and Wisconsin visiting friends and family, helping out with projects, doing upgrades and maintenance on the RV and car, and so much more. 

While we love spending time with friends and family, the urge to travel, explore and discover new sights takes over and we get the itch to move on. Interestingly, we actually spend more time with family and friends now that we are on the road than when we lived in our former home. We used to drive to Minnesota and visit for a weekend and now we spend a week or two (or more!) at a time allowing the opportunity to attend family activities and events like swimming lessons, soccer, ice cream day at school, etc. 

Technology allows us to keep in touch with others while we’re on the road so much easier than in years past. The ability to quickly text messages and send photos is amazing. FaceTime calls are almost like visiting in person and we do them frequently with our children and grandchildren. Facebook, Instagram and this blog are also great ways to keep in touch with others. 

While on the road the last three years we’ve had the opportunity to visit friends and family that we otherwise might not have been able to see as readily when living in a permanent home. It’s always lots of fun to reconnect and make new memories. 

We’ve also made so many new friends while on this great journey and continue to make new ones all the time through avenues like this blog, Facebook, Instagram, and the Boondockers Welcome program. This is one of our favorite elements of travel and a driving force in why we continue on this nomadic path. 

Follow along below for a pictorial of a selection of the activities that filled our last full week in the Midwest before embarking on our next great adventure. 

All nights this week were free stays with two nights at the home of friends, one night at a casino and the remaining nights at the home of family. 

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

We saw three Thor Vegas motorhomes in the sales lot at King’s Campers in Wausau, WI so had to stop and look at the new models. Interestingly, with all the different brands, models, floor plans and types of recreational vehicles on the market we would purchase the exact same RV that we have now (Thor Vegas 24.1). We would also return to Kings’s Campers where we bought our Vegas to buy again as they have treated us very well over the last three years. We currently have no plans to upgrade to a new model at this time but it is always fun to look. 

While on a day trip to Madison, WI to visit family, we stopped at Brennan’s Market, a gourmet produce market and greenhouse. The market offers a huge variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, sausage, condiments, dips, etc. and have many samples of their products to try. We spent over an hour wandering around looking at and tasting their offerings. It is a definite must-stop location when in the Madison area. 

We loved our time spent in central Wisconsin and especially enjoyed the time with friends and family but the travel bug has bit us and it is time to move on. Thanks once again to friends Jeni and Kevin for allowing us to “live” in your driveway and we look forward to returning again. 

We’re always on the lookout for tweaks and gadgets to make our RV life more enjoyable. An upgrade to the suspension to decrease the sway and to cushion our ride has been on the list for some time. We installed a beefier front sway bar and a set of front sumo springs which have made a tremendous improvement in ride, especially in sway when cornering and driving up and down banked approaches. When we return to Wisconsin in September we may look at doing the same modifications to the rear suspension as well as possibly upgrading the shocks. 

Oneida Casino near Green Bay, WI is a wonderful place to overnight.. The casino offers free dry camping in their huge parking lot or for $15 a night you can park in their campground with electricity. Either way, it’s a great stop while taking in the sights of the Green Bay area. 

The Escape Room Wisconsin in Appleton, WI provided a great evening of fun for ourselves, our son and two members of his extended family. This was our first time doing an activity of this type and it was both challenging and very enjoyable. We’re sure we’ll be doing another one at some point. 

The Escape Room burned up all our energy so we refueled at El Presidente Bar and Grill with great Mexican food and $5 jumbo margaritas. The restaurant is worth a trip just to see the unique decor. 

Friday on the Fox is an outdoor concert series that is held in downtown Green Bay, WI right along the Fox River. The N.E.W. Piano Guys, a dueling piano duo, was scheduled to perform but the weather refused to cooperate as it rained all day and evening. Luckily the performance was able to be moved to an indoor venue instead of being canceled. The duo is incredibly talented and entertaining and their show is non-stop fun. We especially enjoyed their portrayal of Schroeder playing the Peanuts theme. 

We enjoyed a great week visiting friends and family that was filled with fun activities. Stay tuned for next week as we set the GPS for north and east and make our way to Michigan and Ontario, Canada. See you then!

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