Canada Fishing, New Tires and Summer Concerts

June 1-7, 2019 — The first week of June was a definite change up from our normal travel routine. This week we were apart as Dave spent the week in Canada fishing with our son while I (Kathy) remained in Wisconsin visiting friends and family. 

We originally planned to spend the week visiting our son at his home in Wisconsin, however, his extended family had two open spots on their annual fishing trip that was scheduled for the same week. The opportunity was too good to pass up as neither of them had been on an expedition of this type before, so off they went. 

While the boys were fishing, I (Kathy) remained in central Wisconsin for the week utilizing the time to catch up with friends and family, doing research for our upcoming Canada/New England trip and giving the interior and exterior of the RV a much needed deep cleaning and purging. 

The week flew by quickly but by the end we were both ready to move on to our next adventure. Follow along below for a pictorial of our adventures from both central WI and Canada. 

All nights this week were free stays parked at the home of friends. Thanks Jeni and Kevin!

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

Ice cream fixes everything. That’s our life motto, even on cold, rainy days. We couldn’t resist a stop at Briq’s while in central Wisconsin for a Butterfinger flurry. Yum!!

Van Der Geest Dairy Cattle in Wausau, WI is a family owned four generation operation that farms 6,000 acres of land and milks 3,000 cows daily. The farm offers free tours that are very informative and educational, taking visitors on a 1/4 mile elevated catwalk overlooking the barn and milking parlor. Reservations are required for the tour and old clothes/shoes are recommended as it is a working farm. 

A newborn fawn came to visit for the day while Mom was off grazing. The deer wobbled down the street in front of our friend’s house where we were parked then settled in to snooze up against their house. We snuck up close enough to grab a picture then left then it alone to not give Mom a reason to reject the fawn. It remained at the house all day but was gone the next morning. 

Bath time for the RV. After being in a major dust storm a few weeks ago the motorhome was in dire need of a thorough scrubbing. Hope Texas doesn’t send us a bill for all the dirt we took with!

Woohoo new tires for the Kia Soul! Thanks to Kenny and Kyle at Midas of Wausau, WI for their expert knowledge and great service in helping us select the right tires for our needs and completing a professional installation. Now we’re all set for many more miles of adventures!

Attending outdoor community concerts like this one on The 400 Block in Wausau, Wisconsin is a favorite summer activity of ours. The concerts are usually either free or a small donation, provide a relaxing evening of entertainment and are easily discovered via a simple Google search. 

Poniatowski, Wisconsin is a tiny unincorporated community but geographically is quite famous as it lies at the exact center of the Northwest Hemisphere where the 45th Parallel of Latitude intersects with the 90th Meridian of Longitude. The marker signifying the exact location is in a county park (the smallest in Wisconsin) that lies in a farm field approximately 1/4 mile off a country road. 

Kakabeka Falls near Oliver Paipoonge in Ontario, Canada was a good stopping point for a break while traveling to the fishing resort. So beautiful!

The cabin the boys called home for the week is located at Pine Point Resort in Lac Des Mille Lacs in Ontario, Canada. The resort offers 18 cottages of varying sizes along with 28 camping sites. 

The lakes were filled with small mouth bass, northern pike and walleye. 

There’s just nothing better that fresh fish caught from the clear waters of Ontario. 

What makes fishing in Canada even better? Having a gorgeous sunset to enjoy while waiting for that next bite. 

It was a great fun and relaxing week for both of us that we highly enjoyed. Follow along next week as we move on to eastern Wisconsin for our last bit of family fun before embarking on our journey to Canada and New England. See you then!

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Interested in supporting our site? Leave us a tip or simply use our RecPro Affiliate link. You get 5% off your entire order and we get a small referral bonus. Click here for a complete list of ideas to support Off Our Rocker RV.

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