New House, Moving Day and 40 Foot Snowman

May 1-7, 2019 — What were we thinking? Obviously not rational thoughts when we agreed to be in Minnesota at the beginning of May to help our son and family move to a new home. We expected it to be a bit chilly with a rainy day or two but almost every day since we’ve been in MN has been lousy. The forecast for the next two weeks doesn’t look much better either. 

Because of the weather and scheduling conflicts we upped the actual move date by a week. Luckily the date we picked turned out to be a nice day with no rain in sight and we were able to get the majority of the household items to the new house. 

It’s only been two years since we sold our house and most of the contents to full-time RV but still in that short amount of time we’ve forgotten how much stuff one accumulates as a homeowner. Trip after trip we trudged up and down the stairs hauling boxes and furniture. We just kept thinking the whole time that we were thankful we didn’t have to unpack and organize it all. 

Minimalism isn’t a lifestyle for everyone but it works for us. We love our nomadic life in a 25 foot motorhome that offers limited storage. It’s plenty for all we own in this season of our lives. Someday in the future we may own a house again but it isn’t something that is on our radar at this point. 

During the week we also took a day trip to Wisconsin to take care of some personal business and to visit a family member. We do plan on spending more time there toward the end of the month when our “chores” in Minnesota are finished. 

All nights this week were free stays spent street/driveway parking at the home of family. 


Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

Moving a household is hungry business. We prepped several casseroles to serve along with salad to ensure good meals would be available as needed for the moving crew. 

Our son and daughter-in-law custom designed their master bedroom closet from The Container Store and offered us the pleasure of assisting with the installation. 5000+ pieces later (might be a bit of an exaggeration!) it was done. 

The moving fun begins. Two story houses are nice until you have to make a million trips up and down the stairs hauling furniture and boxes. 

Here we made it to the new house with U-Haul truck load #1. One more truck load along with many SUV/van/car/trailer/pickup truck loads and we’re almost done hauling everything. What a job! It’s very overwhelming for minimalists like ourselves as everything we own including our house would fit in one truckload with room to spare. 

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We temporarily parked the RV in the driveway at the new house but weren’t able to level it as much as we’d like to with the slope. We will be able to street park at future visits but with all the construction vehicles going back and forth working on other houses we preferred to stay out of their way. 

We helped the kids out by organizing a garage sale at the old house for the upcoming week. The weather forecast for the sale days is looking cold and rainy but we crossed our fingers that people would still be out shopping. 

While running errands in the Minneapolis area we took a ride on a short section of the St Croix Byway. The complete route is 124 miles long and runs from Point Douglas near Hastings to north of Sandstone, Minnesota. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to take the full route at some point. 

Welcome to Minnesota where it’s so cold this snowman remains year round. The world’s largest snowman resides in North St, Paul on the corner of Margaret Street and Highway 36. It stands 44 feet tall, weighs 20 tons and has a 16 foot wide smile. 

It was certainly a busy week and thankfully the hard part of moving is done. Follow along next week as we continue wrapping up house projects, have a garage sale and sneak in a bit of fun at the zoo. See you then!

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