Pickleball, Mega Solar and Grocery Deals

March 8-14, 2019 — Trip planning if often almost as much fun as the trip itself. It’s a good thing that we enjoy the planning process as we find ourselves completely re-rerouting our upcoming trek from Phoenix to Minneapolis. Much of our time this week was spent discussing and researching this change of direction. 

We originally planned to leave Phoenix at the end of this week and head north and east through New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa. However, due to the lingering cold weather in northern Arizona and New Mexico, the “bomb cyclone” Mother Nature dropped on Colorado and the devastating flooding occurring in Nebraska we decided to steer clear. Instead, we are heading a little south of Phoenix and then east loosely following I-10 to Las Cruces, New Mexico then turning northeast through Texas and Oklahoma. 

Regardless of the route we will enjoy the journey taking in the sights and meeting new friends along the way. 

All nights this week were free stays with three nights at two Boondockers Welcome host sites and four nights at the Desert Diamond Casino in Glendale, Arizona. 

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

Another great Boondockers Welcome host site in Arizona. This one had free nightly musical entertainment compliments of the local coyotes. 

Mmmm fresh asparagus. Mmmm even better when it’s $.97 a pound. 

Our second Boondockers Welcome host site of the week. This one turned out to be a desert paradise complete with a saguaro cacti and huge palm tree. Life is good!

Our favorite parts of the Boondockers Welcome program are meeting the hosts, gaining new friends and learning about the local area. Our hosts in Sun City, Arizona generously took us on tours of both their city and the recreation sites that are a huge part of the Sun City lifestyle. It was nice to see so many people out enjoying all the amenities the area has to offer. Pickleball is a popular sport in the area and the city has dozens of courts in several different locations. 

Our Sun City Boondockers Welcome hosts also invited us along to an outdoor concert held at the Sun Bowl Amphitheatre. What a great time!

Interesting that we recorded 407 watts (it actually peaked at 416 watts) of incoming power with only 400 watts of solar panels. After a rain storm moved away from the Phoenix area the sun came out with a vengeance. With the remaining storm clouds we experienced the “cloud edge effect” which occurs as the sun emerges from behind a cloud causing a sudden burst of energy that produces more power than normal. Fascinating! This RV life is turning us into even bigger science geeks than we were before. 

Here is one of the many ways we keep our food budget low each month. With specials like these $1.18 per pound pork loin chops, saving money is easy. The package we purchased will provide several delicious meals. We repackage bulk buys like this one by freezing meal size portions in zip lock bags to save precious real estate in our small RV freezer.

It was an exciting day at the Brewers vs Angels spring training game in Phoenix with 19 hits, 4 home runs and 7 lead changes resulting in a 7-7 tie (no extra innings in spring training). The best part of the game was watching it with friends Nancy and Al (imagineourrvdreams.blogspot.com). So glad we were able to spend a few hours together catching up and sharing our joint love of baseball. 

Another great week of full-time RV living and traveling is in the books. It feels good to leave the slow pace of winter travel behind and spend more time enjoying various activities along our route “home”. Follow along next week as begin our trek from Phoenix to Minneapolis. See you then!

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