Free Museums, RV Upgrade and Minnesota Bound

December 1-7, 2018 — Hello December. Sad that the year is almost over but happy that we will be seeing our family this week! Even though we talk and FaceTime with our sons and their families often nothing beats seeing them in person. 

We started the week in Maricopa, Arizona at Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino resting up and getting ready to fly north to spend a week with our family. We also needed time to prepare the RV for a big upgrade to the electrical system that was scheduled to coincide with our trip to Minnesota. 

The electrical upgrade is a project that we have been planning to undertake since becoming full-time RVers. We have always done upgrades and most maintenance on our own but this project is just a bit more complex than we care to do on our own. Also, working in the limited space of a 25 foot long motorhome makes things more difficult and sometimes requires one to be more Gumby-like than we are! Details on the upgrade will be coming at a later date. 

After three nights at the casino we traveled north and east to Apache Junction, Arizona to an RV repair shop that is doing the upgrade. We stayed in the RV the first night and the next morning flew from Phoenix to Minneapolis. 


Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

While in the Phoenix, Arizona area we took advantage of the “Museums on Us” program offered by Bank of America. The program offers Bank of America or Merrill Lynch credit and debit card holders free admission to select museums during the first full weekend of every month. Three museums in the Phoenix area participate in the program including the Heard Museum, the Phoenix Museum of Art and Scottsdale’s Museum of the West. Participating museums and more information on the program is available at

The Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona is a private, not-for-profit museum that is dedicated to the advancement of American Indian art. The museum has expansive displays of pottery, clothing, dolls, and jewelry. 

The Phoenix Art Museum is the largest art museum in the southwestern United States with more than 19,000 objects of art spanning from the Renaissance to the present. Wear comfortable shoes when visiting the museum as it covers 285,000 square feet, the equivalent of five football fields. Wow!

Western Spirit – Scottsdale’s Museum of the West in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona features the art, culture and history of the 19 states of the American West and the bordering Canadian provinces and Mexican states. This Smithsonian affiliated museum is definitely worth a stop when in the area. 

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino in Maricopa, Arizona offers free overnight RV parking in their south lot. Friendly security staff patrol the area frequently and the lot is well-lit offering an added sense of safety. 

All settled in at the repair shop where the electrical upgrade will occur. The scheduling of this project worked out well for us as we needed a place to park while we were in Minnesota for the week and also for the repair shop as we weren’t in their way while they did the work. 

We made sure to soak up the sights of these palm trees and saguaro cactus before leaving as we certainly won’t find any while in cold, snowy Minnesota.

Our ride from Phoenix to Minneapolis. At least the plane will be visibile if stuck in a snow bank. 

We landed safely at the Minneapolis airport and soon met up with our family. Luckily for us the Minnesota weather forecast during our stay is calling for warm(ish) temperatures and minimal snow. Stay tuned to next week to see if the forecast held up. See you then!

Thank you for hanging out at Off Our Rocker RV.

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