Hoover Dam, Golf Course Stay and 21st State

November 22-30, 2018 – Another fun week has come and gone. The year has flown by and it’s hard to grasp that there are only a few weeks left of 2018. The first few days of the week we spent at Lake Mead National Recreational Area in Nevada finishing up our exploration of the Las Vegas area along completing a few housekeeping tasks. From there we headed south to Arizona, our 21st state since beginning this full-time RV journey. 

With 2018 coming to an end soon, it’s time to start mapping out 2019 travel plans. During our down time this week we pulled out the atlas and google maps and came up with a few tentative routes. It is really tough to narrow down a route as there is just so many places and activities to see and do! Hopefully in the next two weeks we will have a more definitive plan in place. Until then, we will enjoy the warmth and sunshine of the southwest.

All nights during this last week of November were free stays with six nights on BLM land in Nevada and Arizona, one night each at a casino, Walmart and a Harvest Hosts golf club location. 

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

The Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge on Highway 93 near the Hoover Dam. At 890 feet tall, the bridge is the second highest in the United States and is the highest concrete arch bridge. There is a wide sidewalk on the Hoover Dam side of the bridge that spans the length of the bridge and offers pedestrians spectacular views of the dam below. 

Here is another view of the wide sidewalk that spans the length of the bridge and offers pedestrians breath-taking views of the Hoover Dam below. 

This view from the bridge makes the Hoover Dam look tiny! 

Here is a shot of the huge concrete bridge supports as seen from below. 

Looking back at the bridge while standing at the top of the Hoover Dam certainly gives one some perspective on the engineering of this man-made wonder.

Off to the laundromat we go. With being able to wash and dry all the clothes at one time it only takes about an hour for this task. $12.00 later all the clothes are clean and dry. 

Albertson’s in Henderson, NV was having a three day sale Thanksgiving weekend. Check out the price on these pork chops. Wow! 

Taking in the last moments of sunlight at Government Wash in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It’s a great boondocking site to use as a base for exploring Las Vegas and surrounding areas. The Wash has easy access for any size rig with ample room for all. There is a 15 day stay limit which is monitored by daily park ranger presence. 

Blue skies and palm trees can turn mundane tasks like dumping tanks and refilling with water into pleasant experiences. Enjoy every moment. 

Arizona will be our home for the winter. We will be boondocking our way around the state taking in the sights, visiting with old friends and meeting new ones while enjoying the cool nights and sunny warm days. Life is good. 

Arizona is state number 21 for us since beginning this full-time journey. Seems strange to call it a “new” state when we actually spent nearly 4 months boondocking here during the winter of 2016/2017 when we were “majority-time” RVers.

While soaking up the sun of the Arizona desert we planned our exit strategy for selling our house and all excess belongings. Once spring arrived we returned to Wisconsin, put the plan in place and became “official” full-time RVers 6/23/17. 

Cerbat Foothills Recreation area near Kingman, Arizona is a nice stop with hiking, biking and equestrian trails through the unique landscape. 

Harvest Hosts is a network of wineries, farms and attractions that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight. Since starting our journey we have enjoyed the hospitality of many of these locations.  Receive a 10% discount by using Off Our Rocker RV as a referral and we also are rewarded as an affiliate.

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Rock formations at the Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area are beautiful. The cave-like opening at ground level was very shallow and likely man-made. 

The Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area just off Highway 93 near Kingman, Arizona does allow overnight parking. Access is easy from southbound 93 and allows for any size rig. On the down side, there is a  fair amount of highway noise and access while northbound is difficult as you have to go past the entrance to the next exit to flip a U-turn.

Harvest Hosts recently added a golf club program allowing members 329 more choices for overnight parking in addition to the 600+ wineries, museums, orchards, farms, etc. already in place. The photo below was taken during our first golf course stay at the Wickenburg Golf Course in Wickenburg, Arizona. After checking in with the pro shop we were directed to a large gravel parking lot overlooking the golf course where we enjoyed a quiet, peaceful stay. 

This was the view out the front RV window overlooking the Wickenburg Golf Course. We LOVE the Harvest Hosts program and highly recommend it to all our fellow RVers. New members can receive 10% off their membership (currently $49.00/year) by using Off Our Rocker RV as a referral. 

Traveling across the United States from Wisconsin west to Washington and then south to Arizona the past few months has been very rewarding and full of new experiences but it’s time to settle down for awhile. We’re looking forward to staying in Arizona for the next three + months to rest up and prepare for our 2019 travels. We are also looking forward to connecting with friends, new and old, as well as flying north to visit our family for the holidays. Stay tuned for next week to see what we’re up to in Arizona . See you then!

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    I am aware with Harvest Hosts campers are expected to support their host by making a purchase. Did you guys play a round of golf in Wickenburg?

    1. 1

      Hi Peter – great question. We arrived later in the day and the weather didn’t permit a round, but we did enjoy a couple of drinks in their pub. Just an FYI – per Harvest Hosts rules, only 10 of the 329 courses require you to play a round. You are still welcome to use their other facilities such as restaurants if they are available.

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