Beautiful Butterflies, Giant Football and Heading West

July 15-21, 2018 — We’re a month into summer and the daylight hours are already noticeably shorter with 32 minutes less minutes from the summer solstice that occurred just a month ago on June 21.  That means winter is slowly creeping upon us and we need to start heading west as we would like to get to a couple national parks yet this year. Teddy Roosevelt, Glacier, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons are on our agenda in August and September. All will be new stops for us and we are excited to see them. 

Our week started in Green Bay, Wisconsin where we continued to help with a house remodel for a few days before moving onto central Wisconsin. After finishing up business in Wisconsin we were off to Minnesota to visit family one last time.

Two nights were spent at Onieda Casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin ($15/night) while the remaining nights were free sites with one night at a Cabela’s, two nights in a friend’s driveway in central Wisconsin and the remaining nights street parking at a family members home in Minnesota. 

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Bart Starr is a well-known name in Green Bay Packer country. He played quarterback for the team from 1956 through 1971 and was head coach from 1975 to 1983. He was voted MVP of the first two superbowls and was inducted into the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame in 1977. 

Statues of players like the Bart Starr one above and the Pride one below line Lombardi avenue just east of Lambeau Field. 

A football as a building pillar and artificial turf with hash marks and yard lines for landscaping. Welcome to Green Bay Packer country. 

Wet baths aren’t just for RVs! Work continues on the home remodel. This photo shows the new vinyl tub surround and vinyl planking floor. It’s looking good!

Amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to a door. 

Cabela’s in Green Bay, Wisconsin offers a dump station, water station and overnight parking. Beware that this location is just down the street from Lambeau Field and the overnight parking may not be available on game days. There is a sign posted in the parking lot disallowing “event parking”. 

Hooked up and ready to move on. We see mountains and national parks in our future as the GPS is set to go west. 

Cheese does make everything better. Sign found at Papillon’s restaurant in Weston, Wisconsin where we enjoyed Italian Fries, their specialty. Totally yummy and completely not good for you!

Stopped to load up on Wisconsin cheese before heading west. We are hoping it lasts at least until we hit Montana but we’re not making any promises. 

There is a reason Wisconsin natives have a habit of walking with their heads down.  

Driveway parking in central Wisconsin thanks to friends Jeni and Kevin. See you guys next year!!

Beautiful butterfly found at the Blooming Butterflies exhibit at the Como Park Zoo in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The zoo started in 1897 when the city of Saint Paul received a donation of three deer and provided a simple fenced pasture for the animals. The zoo now houses over 1700 animals. The zoo offers both free admission and parking but does accept donations. It’s a great stop for people of all ages but get there early on busy summer weekends to be sure a parking space is available. 

Another beautiful butterfly found at the Como Park Zoo.

This butterfly had a velvet-like texture to it. We watched it for quite awhile to see if the bite out of its left wing impeded flight but it was content to stay put on the flower. 

This seal sculpture is part of the “Washed Ashore” traveling exhibit that is currently at the Como Park Zoo. The Washed Ashore exhibit features giant sea life sculptures made entirely of marine debris collected from beaches to graphically illustrate the plastic pollution found in oceans and waterways. 

Giraffe feeding time at Como Park Zoo. 

It was tough leaving the house remodel unfinished but we used up all the allotted time we had. The homeowner promised to send updates and photos of the finished results when done. We are excited to see them!

We will be staying in Minnesota for a few more days to visit with family before moving on. We’re looking forward to being in several new states over the next few weeks including North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah. See you next time!

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