Air Conditioning Upgrade, Baby Geese and Lombardi Time

July 8-14, 2018 — With being retired and living full-time in an RV we have the luxury of changing our travel plans on a whim and are able to go in any direction we feel like. This week we decided to stay in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area while continuing to assist with a home remodel. We enjoy DIY work and staying gave us more time to spend with friends and family in north east Wisconsin. A win win all around.

One night was spent street parking at a family members home and the remaining six nights were at a paid site with electricity at Onieda Casino ($15/night). We have several places nearby to boondock including dry camping free in the parking lot at the casino but the warm weather beckoned us to be plugged in with air conditioning. It’s a small price to pay for comfort!

The 13 miles on the RV was from our family members home to Cabela’s where we emptied the waste tanks and refilled the fresh water then on to the casino. Most of the miles on the car were from going to/from the home remodel and Menards/Home Depot when picking up supplies.  The trip from the casino to the house remodel location brought us on Lombardi Avenue past Lambeau field so we did have to stop several times for pictures. Go Pack Go!

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

The I-41 overpass crossing above Lombardi Avenue in Green Bay, Wisconsin is decorated in a Green Bay Packer theme. It’s not surprising as Lambeau Field is only a short distance away from the intersection. The “G” pictured below is hard to miss as it is approximately 14 feet tall. 

Inlay murals are under the I-41 bridge spanning Lombardi Avenue as well. 

The mural below on the left depicts a Green Bay Packer player riding a young girl’s bicycle while she walks alongside carrying his helmet. Called the “Dream Drive”, players ride the bicycles from outside Lambeau Field across the street to training camp. Kids line up with their bicycles in hopes of being chosen by a player to take the short trek to the practice field. This tradition has been going strong for almost 60 years. 

Along the I-41 corridor in north east Wisconsin, selected exits have designated areas to pull over in case of an accident or vehicle breakdown. Wonder what percent of issues actually happen near these designated areas?

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Many Canadian Geese call The Great Lakes region home. Several families are raising little ones in the picture below that was taken in DePere, Wisconsin. 

Our 15,000 BTU air conditioner was having trouble keeping up with the upper 90 degree temperatures. After visiting our friend Google and reading RV forums we discovered a quick-fix by removing the cover from the A/C to allow additional cool air to pour into the Vegas. Installing the round vent shown below made the quick-fix permanent. The vent allows additional cool air to be sent in the direction of your choice and can be shut off to allow more air to disperse throughout the RV. 

Here’s a close-up of the additional vent we installed. It has immensely increased our comfort level on warm days. Highly recommended upgrade for all RVs with ducted air conditioners. The vents are available at Amazon and can be ordered via the link below. 

The JR Products Coolvent Deluxe Adjustable Ceiling Vent replaces existing air ventilation registers. Airflow is easily adjustable and directable with the ability to rotate 360°. Will not fade, discolor or rust. Requires a 4.75″ cutout.

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Work continued on the house remodel daily. Pictured below are the kitchen cabinets doors that were just painted. The doors were unscrewed from the cabinets, hinges and handles removed, old varnish de-glossed, coated with oil primer and two coats of finish paint. Both sides of the doors were primed and painted. The cabinet frames received the same treatment. It took a lot of time but the end result was worth it. 

We’ve driven by Lambeau Field dozens of times over the years and every day while we’ve been doing the house remodel. We still feel in total awe every time we see it. If you roll the windows down and listen closely you can hear the “Go Pack Go” chant. 

The clock at Lambeau Field runs on “Lombardi Time” meaning it is set 15 minutes early.  Coach Lombardi expected his players and coaches to be 15 minutes early to meetings and practices. If you arrive on-time you were considered late. 

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Priming and painting trim. This was only round one of trim as much more will be needed before the house is done. 

You wonder what someone was thinking when they painted the bathroom these awful colors. It was much worse looking with the former wallpaper border in place. Yuck!!

Many trains haul products in and out of Green Bay, Wisconsin everyday. The Green Bay and Western Railroad served the area for almost 100 years before being absorbed into the Wisconsin Central in 1993. The line prospered in part due to Lake Michigan ferry connections from Kewaunee, WI to Frankfort and Ludington, MI which allowed freight to bypass the congestion of Chicago. 

Whew! It was a busy week with the days spent working on a house and evenings relaxing in the air conditioned RV. Even though the days were hot and tiring we did manage to have lots of fun. We plan to spend a few more days in Green Bay then off to central Wisconsin to tie up a few loose ends, after which we will continue west to Minnesota. See you next week!

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2 thoughts on “Air Conditioning Upgrade, Baby Geese and Lombardi Time”

  1. How nice of you to help with the remodel! I’m not sure I’d do it unless they were a really good friend that I just enjoyed spending time with no matter how hot and sweaty I got. =) I’m sure when we get up to Wisconsin, Lambeau Field will be a must see…I’ve got a couple of football fans in my household.

    1. Lambeau Field is amazing to visit. It’s so unlike any other large sports venue we have been to. You will love it! We had a good time working on the house remodel even with the miserable weather. It’s fun teaching and guiding others through the process and watching them learn. We’ve been getting daily photo updates and it is looking amazing.

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