Summer Storms, Flowers and Vegetables

July 1-7, 2018 — The first week of July found us in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area where we spent time visiting friends and family along with helping with an extensive home rehab. The weather was oppressively hot and humid for east central Wisconsin with heat indexes well into the 100’s making working on a house with no air conditioning quite uncomfortable. Luckily the house has shade trees and plenty of fans. With the extreme heat we did pay for a site with electricity at Onieda Casino ($15/night) for five days and street parked at a family members house the remaining two days. We did make one trip back to central Wisconsin in the car during the week which accounts for 180 of the 340 miles driven. 

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

July started with Mother Nature showing her anger with several rounds of storms producing high winds, hail and rain. The storms passed by quickly and the hot humid conditions continued. 

We read that half of the world’s roundabouts are located in France. The other half are along the I-41 corridor in East Central Wisconsin. A three mile trip to the store had us navigating eight of them. The detour sign in the picture is for a road under construction with more roundabouts. We’re getting dizzy just thinking about it. 

Refilling propane at the Cenex in DePere, Wisconsin. We use approximately 1.25 gallons a week to run the water heater, stove and refrigerator. With the current price of $1.93/gallon + tax that makes for a cheap utility bill. 


Happy 4th of July!

Raw broccoli cauliflower salad with homemade dressing and a side of carrots. This salad is a staple item in our RV household and is on the menu frequently. 

The home we were renovating had been a rental for the past few years and the tenants were sorely lacking in housekeeping skills. We’ve never seen a stove quite this filthy before. 

Even though we don’t have a house with a yard of our own anymore we can still enjoy the beauty of flowers from plants we shared with friends and family over the years. The asiatic lily below is a decendent of one of the first perennials we planted many years ago. 

Blazing Star Liatris. One of our favorite summer flowers that freely multiplies and has been shared with many family and friends. 

More home rehab cleaning. Underneath all the soap scum and lint remnants is a very nice dryer. It still had clothes in it left behind by the former tenants. 

Green Bay, Wisconsin has a population of 105,000 while Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, holds 81,441. It’s no wonder that traffic patterns and parking regulations change on game day. 

Found this Green Bay Packer across the street from Lambeau Field. Wonder if he is a rookie waiting for training camp to start. 

The I-41 overpass crossing above Lombardi Avenue in Green Bay, Wisconsin is decorated with a brick inlay replica of Lambeau Field. The area really takes it’s dedication to the Green Bay Packers seriously. 

Despite the storms and heat wave in north east Wisconsin along with working on a home remodel we still managed to see a few sights and laugh a few laughs. It’s hard to ask for much more sometimes. 

The weather forecast for the next ten days showed a continued heat wave hitting not only Wisconsin but the entire midwest. This is not at all normal to have such an extended hot humid spell in the area. Stay tuned for the next week update to see if Mother Nature gives us a break in the weather. See you then!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Storms, Flowers and Vegetables”

  1. Ok, that’s the type of weather I’d expect in North Texas. We spent the last few weeks above 105 with no rainfall in sight. Can you send it this way, please? And I love to have some of those Asiatic lilies, too! Beautiful!

    1. You can have the hot humid weather. Yuck! Those lilies are pretty, aren’t they? We had dozens of different varieties growing at our former house. Luckily we shared them with friends and family so now we can enjoy them when visiting their houses.

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