Peanuts, Crocks and Big Foot

June 15-21, 2018–The beginning of the week found us just over the WI/MN border in Woodbury, Minnesota where we stayed with family for four nights before heading east once again to central Wisconsin. There we stayed for the remaining three nights in a friend’s driveway. All nights were spent boondocking with a few of them being slightly uncomfortable due to the hot humid weather. It was tolerable, though, as we do have three overhead fans in the RV, several USB portable fans and perfectly placed windows for good cross ventilation.  

It was interesting that we put exactly the same number of miles on the car and the RV! What are the chances?

Mile Driven - RV
Miles Driven - Car

While in Minnesota we took a day trip to Red Wing where we found the World’s Largest Boot located inside the Red Wing Shoe Museum. 

The boot is a size 638.5 D and stands over 20 feet tall. That’s a big foot!

The Aliveo Military Museum  in downtown Red Wing, Minnesota contains military artifacts from the Revolutionary War to present day. The museum offers free admission but open hours and days are limited as it is staffed entirely by volunteers. 

The Pottery Museum of Red Wing, Minnesota has over 6000 items on display showcasing the pottery industry which flourished in the area from 1877 until 1967. The museum offers free admission and is a must see when in the area. 

Plates representing dinnerware design patterns from the 1950’s and 1960’s that were manufactured in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Stoneware crocks manufactured at the former Minnesota Stoneware Company in Red Wing, Minnesota from 1883 until the 1930’s are on display at the Pottery Museum. 

Apparently Bob couldn’t come up with a catchy business name so he simply went with “Bob’s Business”. 

Mural in downtown Red Wing, Minnesota featuring the Mississippi Queen paddle wheel driven river steamboat. Built in 1976, it was the largest steamboat ever made and held that title until 1995 when the larger American Queen was built. The Mississippi Queen has a capacity of 412 guests and 157 crew. 

Throughout the Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota area are statues featuring the Peanuts characters. They were created in honor of Charles Schultz, a native of the Twin Cities, shortly after his death in 2000. Over 100 fiberglass and bronze statues were designed and displayed by local artists. The first year after Mr Schultz’s death all statues created were of Snoopy. There after, yearly, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and Snoopy with Woodstock were introduced. 

The Gateway State Trail is an 18 mile long multipurpose trail connecting St Paul and Stillwater, Minnesota. It is one of many trails in the Minneapolis/St Paul area perfect for biking or walking. 

While in central Wisconsin we spent a fun-filled day taking care of our health by having our annual check-ups. We scheduled the appointments months in advance as we knew we would be in Wisconsin during this time. It’s never fun to visit the doctor but we are glad to have this chore taken care of. 

Next week we will spend another day in central Wisconsin then travel east as we go back to the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. Plans include a few RV upgrades and maintenance, visiting with friends and family and relaxing in the air conditioning while a heat wave hits Wisconsin. See you then!


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    1. They are fun statues! We are hoping to hunt down a few more when we return to the Minneapolis area later this month.

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