Beach Front Property, Family Time and Texas Snow

December 1-31, 2017 —The month of December started on the east side of Texas in Winnie and ended in the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas. We parked the RV at a friend’s house south of Houston and flew to Minnesota for a week to celebrate the holidays with our children and grandchildren. While “up north” we drove to Wisconsin for a day to visit friends and more family. We enjoyed seeing everyone but did not enjoy the snow and cold weather. Brrr! Interesting that while we were in MN it snowed in Texas with areas receiving more snow than they have seen in years. The entire month was at free stays including Walmart, a public beach, a friend’s driveway, and at a resort in the Rio Grande Valley that comped us a few days as we toured their facilities.

Beautiful day at Magnolia Beach.

Such a dreary day to fly. Waiting to board the plane in Houston.

While we were in Minnesota it snowed in Texas. Glad it was all gone when we returned!

Beautiful Minnesota sunset. 

On our way from Minneapolis to central Wisconsin to visit family and friends. No horses and buggies were out on this cold winter day.

We’re blessed to have good friends with great driveways to park on!

Foggy day at Magnolia Beach.

The sun was very shy at Magnolia Beach. Only came out for just a minute during sunset. 

The seagulls appreciate a nice day at Magnolia Beach as much as we do.

Pink and purple sky reflecting stripes on the water just before sunset at Magnolia Beach. Beautiful!

Magnolia Beach is full of shells just waiting to be drawn on.

Lots of room to boondock at Magnolia Beach in Texas. 

Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, TX. The devastation was immense. So sad.  

Cotton bales along the highway near Woodsboro, TX. 

Spent a quiet Christmas Eve night at Walmart in Kingsville, TX as they closed at 6pm for the holiday. We had one other RV join us for the evening.

Our parking spot for a few days while touring Bentsen Palm Resort in Mission, TX. This was the first time we had a full hookup site in the 18 months we owned our RV. Nice!

Ping pong time! It was cold and rainy our entire stay in Mission, TX but found indoor activities to enjoy.

Beautiful pool area at Bentsen Palm Resort.

We never tire of looking up at palm trees. 

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