Costs of Full-Time RVing – March 2018

The overall costs of living and traveling in an RV can vary greatly depending on where you are, the activities you are doing, repair costs, your personal spending habits, etc. The variability is essentially the same regardless of your chosen housing arrangement. We track our spending via the free app “PERSONAL CAPITAL” and publicly share it to help others estimate their potential expenses for life on the road.

Our expenses are posted by month and year. They include all of our costs for two adults except for health insurance as it is such a varied expense depending on your job status, age, location, income, etc. Our cost of this insurance has no relevance to anyone else so we are choosing to leave it out of the spreadsheet.

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*Note – Includes all expenses incurred except for health insurance which we wish the details to remain private.

Campground Fees – Expenses included two days at an Army Corps of Engineers campground. We spent three additional days at a COE site that was included in February expenses. The remaining days of the month were spent at Boondockers Welcome host sites, a visitor center, free city park, and two free National Park Service campgrounds. 

Communication – Verizon phone plan shared with family, unlimited data plan with AT&T and UPS mail box. We had our mail forwarded adding an additional expense for the month.

Entertainment – Expenses included our Netflix family plan, entrance fees to the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas, parking at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (tickets were purchased in February) and parking in downtown Jackson, Mississippi.

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Food – Includes all food, alcohol and restaurant expenses. We ate out one time at Goodson’s Cafe in Tomball, Texas where we enjoyed chicken-fried steak. Cost of the meal out totaled $14.98 and the remaining $371.58 was for food and beverages consumed at home.  

Gas -Car – Total miles driven in the Kia Soul for the month was 1,086.

Gas -RV – Total miles driven in the Thor Vegas RV was 635. Fuel is also used to operate the on-board generator. 

General – Expenses included a birthday gift, an outdoor rug, a few articles of clothing and miscellaneous household items such as toiletries, paper products, batteries, etc. 

Laundry –. We had fun time at the Fun Time Coin Laundry in Canton, Mississippi catching up on our laundry needs. In and out in under an hour.

License/Insurance – Full-time RV and tow vehicle insurance and licensing.

Medical/Dental – No expenses this month.

RV/Auto – Expenses included a car wash for the Kia Soul and an oil change and tire rotation for the Thor Vegas.

Utilities –  One refill of the on-board propane tank on the RV. 

  • Breathable material won’t damage grass
  • UV coated to protect against fading and other sun damage
  • Soft and durable 100% virgin polypropylene material
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  • Lightweight and compact, it folds for easy storage into included carrying bag

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