Herd About The Prairie: A Virtual Art Stampede

In 2005 the Arts Partnership in the Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota communities launched a local art project called “Herd About The Prairie: A Virtual Art Stampede. This resulted in the creation of 39 full-size and 1 calf fiberglass painted bison statues done by local artists. Some of the statues were kept by their sponsors while others were auctioned off and the monies returned to the Arts Partnership to benefit other projects. 

Approximately 20 of the colorful 100 pound statues remain in the Fargo/Moorhead area today. Unlike wild bison, these ones are well-tempered and like to pose for photos. We found eleven of the statues and one empty statue base while visiting the area. The name and location are included with the pictures below. 

Aunie – Fargo Moorhead Visitor Center

Tigalo – Red River Zoo

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Mashkode-Pijiki – Microsoft

Ms. B… Flying Diva – YWCA

Dakota Dream – University of Mary

Buffalo Path, The Gathering – West Acres Mall

Fire and Wind (left side) – North Dakota State University Campus

Fire and Wind (right side) – North Dakota State University Campus

Nights in the Valley – Atomic Coffee

Heartbeat of the Red River Valley aka “Sunny” – Wimmer’s Diamonds. Unfortunately Sunny was hit by a car and is currently out for repairs. Sunny is accident prone as he was also knocked over by a vehicle in 2014. We wish Sunny the best during his recovery. 

Tag, You’re It – WDAY

Industrial Bison – RDO Equipment Company

Gogh-Bison-Gogh (right side) – Rourke Art Museum

Gogh-Bison-Gogh (left side) – Rourke Museum

We did locate 3 other statues, but unfortunately the business where they were located was closed for the day so we were unable to take photos. Maybe someday we will visit again and complete this awesome scavenger hunt! 

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