2018 Travel Plans

Where are we going in 2018? 

We have a basic plan of where we would like to go and places we would like to see but have no concrete plans as that’s how we roll. Seldom do we make reservations as we don’t like being tied down. We did that for too many years at our jobs and worked hard to break free from the restraints of a calendar.

Our current plan is to remain in Texas through mid-March then slowly work our way north through Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Wisconsin by mid-May. We will stay in Wisconsin and Minnesota until the end of June visiting friends and family then head west to the Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Glacier National Parks. Will continue west to Washington then south to Oregon and northern California, east to Nevada and Utah and end in Arizona for the winter. This is a fairly ambition plan and some areas may get cut out if we feel pressed for time or the weather deters us. 

We plan to boondock the majority of the time utilizing Boondockers Welcome, Harvest Hosts, Walmart, casinos and public lands. We are roughly estimating 7000 RV miles plus many more on the tow car. The itinerary is very flexible as we don’t want to stress ourselves driving in poor weather conditions or pushing too far in a day. 

Again, this is a rough plan that can and will change frequently but that is one of the perks of the full-time RV lifestyle. Keep following the blog for monthly travel summaries. We do enjoy meeting people out on the road so if we’re headed your way give us a shout and we can arrange a meetup. See you out there! 

4 thoughts on “2018 Travel Plans”

  1. Husband and I are with you all the way. May even see you in Arizona in the winter. We are in B.C. Canada and hope to head south in Nov. Carry On Camping

  2. It looks like you have a decent size class A. Mi.e us 30′ and a lot of places I’m hesitant to boo dock for fear the road might be just too rough or too soft or too narrow or …. whatever. What is your feeling, experience. (I have no tow car so can’t drive the road to prechek it. )

    1. I would not hesitate to boondock with a 30 foot unit. It may take a bit more planning so you have an alternative location in case you don’t feel comfortable once you arrive at your boondocking location. We can’t think of any of the spots we have been that would not have been able to accommodate a rig your size. Thanks for your question.

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