A Travel Trailer for all Seasons

Oliver Travel Trailers in Hohenwald, Tennessee is a family-owned company that produces high quality luxury fiberglass travel trailers. Their trailers feature a unique double shelled fiberglass and composite hull resulting in a high quality product not seen elsewhere. Their design provides superior insulation, durability, strength and ease of maintenance in a product built to last a lifetime.

Oliver trailers are sold factory direct in Hohenwald, Tennessee. Several trailers are on display for touring and they also have an indoor design center where you can choose options like flooring, fabrics, and countertops. Follow along below for a pictorial tour of the factory.

Oliver Travel Trailers is part of Oliver Technlogies, Inc. which also produces walk-in fiberglass bathtubs. The company produces approximately 400 bathtubs a week in addition to the 2-3 travel trailers it makes. The factory employees 300 people of which 50 are dedicated to building the travel trailers. 

Forming fiberglass shells is the first step in building the travel trailers. Below the employees are rolling freshly sprayed fiberglass on molds. 

One of the four fiberglass shells that form the trailer. 

In addition to molded fiberglass, Oliver uses assorted insulation and support products to form the trailer shells.

Formed fiberglass trailer shells continue to cure while being transported to the assembly area.

A finished upper shell in line to be attached to the bottom half. 

Pallets of batteries ready to be installed. Buyers have several options of battery types to choose from for their individual trailer. 

Reflective foil is sandwiched between the two fiberglass shell layers to provide the airspace needed for comfort control in all seasons. 

Foil is applied to the top inner shell before setting the outer shell in place. 

Water lines cut and sorted awaiting their turn for installation. 

Oliver manufactures its own trailer chassis from aircraft grade aluminum.

Axles in this stack will soon be attached to a trailer chassis. 

Trailers feature 16″ Aluminum rims with nitrogen-filled Michelin tires. 

All wire harnesses are made in the factory. 

Dual pane windows are standard in the four-season trailer.

The outer trailer shell is attached to the chassis and is prepared for finishing.

Finishing work is being done on the interior. Note the walls, ceiling and cabinets are all formed fiberglass. 

Completed trailers waiting for delivery to their new owners. 

Oliver Travel trailers are a true four-season trailer. They are available with many built-in options such as solar power, upgraded batteries, composting toilet, wifi and cellular signal boosters, etc. Two models are currently in production – 19 foot Legacy Elite and the 23.5 foot Legacy Elite II. The trailers feature a lifetime fiberglass body warranty along with a five year chassis warranty showing that Oliver stands behind their products. 

Oliver offers weekday tours by reservation at their Hohenwald, Tennessee factory. Tours last approximately two hours and may vary depending on the number in the group and the amount of questions asked by visitors. Photography is permitted throughout the facility.

We highly enjoyed our tour at Oliver Travel Trailers. All the staff were very personable and knowledgeable about their product.  We would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a travel trailer to look at the Oliver products. 

4 thoughts on “A Travel Trailer for all Seasons”

  1. I owned a Casita 17 for years and it was great quality. However it was small for two people. This new trailer might be a solution. I hope they are not too expensive.

    1. The base price of the 23′ Elite II is $53,900. Not sure what upgrades you would be interested in, but this is one of the nicest built travel trailers we have run across.

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